About the organisation

Boligforeningen AAB administrates over 18.000 homes in the greater Copenhagen area. We are a social housing organization. In few words, this means that our goal is to create better housing for everyone without profiting.

Our housing association was established with the purpose of creating good and healthy housing for the general public. Since 1912, we have worked with quality housing in the social housing sector of the greater Copenhagen area. Today we stand behind innovative housing development, much needed modernization, and efficient urban renewal.

A unique residents’ democracy

Boligforeningen AAB has a unique democratic structure, where the goal is to give every resident as much influence as possible on his or her own housing conditions. The organization has a set of common guidelines, but apart from this, almost every decision concerning the single housing estate is made locally, in each housing estate by the elected estate committee.

Organisation structure

The supreme authority of Boligforeningen AAB are its members. They govern the organisation through the committee of representatives (repræsentantskabet), who assemble twice a year to set the general course for the organisation.

The committee of representatives appoints the executive committee (organisationsbestyrelsen), who perform the political management of Boligforeningen AAB.

The executive committee employs the executive board (direktionen) of AAB, who is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the organization.

Executive Peter Basland are in charge of AAB’s administration and its approximately 120 staff members, who in their daily work support the estate committees in servicing AAB’s residents in the best possible way.

Apart from the head office in Copenhagen, Boligforeningen AAB has local offices in Ballerup and Ishøj.

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