The housing estate

As a resident in one of AAB’s homes, you are automatically part of a housing estate. Your housing estate is a self-supporting part of Boligforeningen AAB, and it has its own set of rules and regulations about how to live peacefully door to door, and how to maintain homes, buildings, and common areas.

Your housing estate has a committee, which has been elected by the residents on the annual resident’s meeting. They make decisions concerning the estate and see to it that the rules of the estate are followed. As a resident, you can influence the conditions in your estate – either by participating actively in the work of the committee, or by sharing your opinions on the resident’s meeting.

The estate comittee

The underlying philosophy of Boligforeningen AAB is that residents should be able to influence their housing conditions. That means that the residents are the decision-makers when it comes to the estate. That is why every estate has its own committee with responsibility for finances, maintenance, and day-to-day operations.

The estate committee is elected on the annual resident’s meeting and consists of a chairman, a treasurer, and a number of committee members. You can become a member of your estate committee by running for the next election in your estate. You can also make your opinions heard without joining the committee. That is one of the major purposes of the resident’s meeting. And you always have the right to pose suggestions for your estate committee to consider.

Your estate committee can help you with questions that relate to the estate. Most estates also have a property manager employed, who operates and maintains the estate from day to day. If you have practical questions about common areas or common facilities, it is either the estate committee or the property manager, who can help you. It is also your estate committee you should contact in matters concerning the house rules of the estate.

All estates in Boligforeningen AAB have a set of house rules. The house rules are drawn up and adopted on the resident’s meeting and are therefore an expression of how the residents wish to live together. As a resident, you are obliged to follow the house rules and see to it, that the rules are also followed by your visitors.


All of AAB's estates have insurances that cover damages to the buildings.

It is your own responsibility to take out a private contents insurance covering your own household. The insurance of your housing estate does not cover the contents of your household.

If you wish to know more about the insurance coverage in your estate, contact your local estate committee.