Moving out

If you decide to move out of your AAB home, you must send us a written notice. This is also the case, if you are moving to another home in AAB.

Three months’ notice

If you are moving out of your home, you have three months’ notice to the 1st or 15th of a month. For example, if you want your notice to count from April 1st, you need to send us a written notice no later than January 1st.

Your home ceases to be at your disposal two weeks before your notice becomes effective. After this date, AAB needs two weeks to assess your home and prepare it for the next resident.

Please note, that you will be paying rent for your home up until the date when your notice becomes effective. In the example above, this would be on April 1st.

Showing your home to the next resident

You are responsible for showing your home to the next applicants on our waiting list. This is a legal obligation.

When we send you a receipt for your notice, we will also notify you about the time, when applicants will be able to view your home. This will typically be two to four weeks after we receive your notice.

Moving inspection

Approximately one month before you move out, we will notify you about an inspection of your home. The inspection is carried out by AAB’s assessment inspectors, who will examine your home and draw up an assessment report. The report describes the maintenance of your home. Practically and legally, this is an important part of moving out of your home - for you as well as for your housing estate. It is important, that you bring a copy of the report that was made when you moved in – and a deficiency list, if such a list exists and has been approved by your estate committee.


After moving out, you will receive a final settlement from AAB’s administration. We cannot draw up the final settlement, until we have all invoices from the repairs, and therefore it can take up to three months, before you receive your settlement.

The settlement shows the balance in your favour – e.g. your deposit and rent paid in advance. It also shows any debts you may owe AAB. This will typically be payment for water and heating, your part of the expenses for normal repairs, as well as any possible expenses from breaches of maintenance.

Paying your settlement

If you do not pay your settlement in time, AAB’s debt collectors will be involved in your case. We will send you three written reminders, and if you still have not paid your settlement, your case will be handed over to AAB’s lawyer. Please note, that you will not be able to acquire a new home in AAB, if you have not paid the debts you owe.