How to apply for a home in AAB

You can sign up on the waiting list for a home in Boligforeningen AAB, as of your 15th birthday. However, you cannot apply actively for a home until 3 months before your turn 18.

Your place on the waiting list is personal, and cannot be handed on to others.

How do I sign up on the waiting list?

You sign up on our waiting list by creating a user profile in our online self-service, Boligbasen.

We charge a fee of 218,- DKR for signing up. You pay for signing up with your credit card.

See which types of credit card, we accept

It costs an annual fee of 197,- DKR to maintain your place on the waiting list. This fee covers our expenses for keeping the waiting list up to date. The fee is mandatory, whether you are actively applying for a home or simply want to earn seniority on the waiting list.

If you do not pay your annual fee on time, you will lose your place on the waiting list as well as your seniority. You will automatically receive a payment slip from us, when it is time to renew your registration on our list.

Sign up on our waiting list
See how to:
  • Go to Boligbasen
  • Press the button ”Boliger”
  • Press ”Opnotér uden boligønsker” ("sign up without requests") in the left side menu
  • Select the field next to “Boligforeningen AAB” and then click “Fortsæt” (continue)
  • Enter your personal information in the required fields. If you meet some of the flexible criterias, add these to the relevant fields.
  • Choose a password (the last paragraph in the form)
  • Enter the security code that you are shown at the end of the form in the last field.
  • Press ”Opret login” (“create login”)
  • Press ”Godkend og fortsæt” (“approve and continue”)
  • Press “Gå til betaling” (“go to payment”)
  • Pay using your credit card
  • Press ”Kvittering” (“receipt”)
  • An e-mail with your login and password will be sent to the e-mail address, you have provided.

Once we have registered your payment (this can take up to 5 working days), you will be registrered on our waiting list and you will be able to renew, change and view your personal settings in Boligbasen using your login and password.

You are welcome to contact our customer service to get help signing up.

When you sign up on our waiting list, you are given an applicant number (ansøgernummer). You can find your applicant number on the confirmation, you receive from us, when signing up. If you contact us, please make sure that you always have this number ready, so that we can identify you.

Applying for a home with Boligbasen

When you have set up a profile in Boligbasen, you can start signing up for the estates, where you wish to apply for a home. In our overview of estates, you can view location, size, rent, and other informations about our estates and homes.

It is important that you sign up for the specific estate(s), where you wish to apply for a home. If you are not signed up for each specific estate, you will not receive offers, when homes are vacant there.

In Boligbasen, you can update what estates you wish to apply for as well as your personal data regularly. It is important that we have your correct personal data, so that we can contact you, if we have an offer for you. Please remember that it is your own responsibility to secure that your information in Boligbasen is correct.

It is also in Boligbasen, that you reply to our offers.

Press the button below to see all of our estates on a map and select requests for Boligbasen.

Find din bolig

Your position on the waiting list

You can also see your position on the waiting list in Boligbasen. Next to each of your requests, you can see your number on the specific list for this estate. Please note, that the position you are shown, is indicative. The waiting list changes continuously from offer to offer, depending on the amount of active applicants and the criteria they meet.

How long is the wait?

In general, you should expect waiting time for all of our estates. In some estates, it can take years before a home is vacant. We understand the need to know how long the wait is, but despite this we cannot provide a precise estimation.

See our list of apartments, that are currently available with no wait

When you get an offer

When we have a vacant home, our administration sends out offers to a number of applicants at the same time.

If we have your e-mail adress, we will send you the offer by e-mail. If not, you will receive the offer by post. You can always view and reply to our offers in Boligbasen. If you receive an offer, it will appear on the front page of Boligbasen, when you log in using your login and password.

It is important, that you reply to the offers, we send you. If we do not receive a reply from you, your request for a home in the estate in question will be deleted.

When you receive an offer for a vacant home, you will be offered to view it before making your choice. You will find information about time and date for the showing of the vacant home in the offer, you receive from us.

Please note that when we can finally appoint the vacant home to an appplicant on our waiting list, we only inform the applicant in question. It usually happens 3-5 work days after the deadline for replies.

If we appoint a vacant home to you, this will appear from the text box in Boligbasen. A few days later, you will receive a letter containing a lease and a payment slip as well as practical information concerning your acquisition of the vacant home.